What Is Marketing Automation? Naveen Jindal School of Management The University of Texas at Dallas

You can automate almost any area of digital marketing, from social media scheduling to marketing reporting. Marketing automation is designed to make repetitive tasks less time consuming. Think of all the hours you spend managing your email lists, publishing social media posts, and evaluating prospective leads.
Check out this articleon how to choose the best marketing automation software for your business. You now need to analyze and test your strategy to ensure each part of it works at an optimal level. Use data on metrics like click-through rates, conversions, time on page, and open rates to discover black holes where you lose more customers than you should. Companies that succeed with marketing automation know the steps customers want to take at each stage of the funnel and can direct customers to these steps.
Create sophisticated customer journeys for every segment using a visual workflow builder. There are pre- Content Marketing , conditions, and customer actions, which makes it easy to automate many routine interactions. Try Constant Contact free for 60 days to start building impressive, personalized, automated campaigns and so much more. Everything can be set up ahead of time, for nearly any situation—so, you can create campaigns that are so well-segmented that all of your leads get warmed up equally well. Sales instantly receives leads with detailed information, so they are empowered to quickly respond, increasing conversion rates.
Email, social media, or SMS—run tailored campaigns on the medium that works best with your audience. We help you keep the conversation going even if they switch between channels. Analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns across all channels, so you can make better marketing decisions. This comprehensive bird’s eye view lets you examine your planning stage, your ROI, and everything in between. Capture leads, nurture and qualify them, and pass the best ones on to your sales teams.
Using this software, marketers can now provide their customers a seamless and prompt experience, regardless of channel or device. Businesses can now engage with their customers on a website, mobile device, digital catalog or through social media. Having read the entire article, you should now be able to make a sound purchase decision on your own. However, if you feel that you need a fully-featured solution, check out this compilation of the best 12 marketing automation platforms guide. Additionally, the platform is packed with powerful reporting and analytics capabilities, which help you closely monitor what marketing strategies are working best for your ecommerce business. Omnisend allows you to keep tabs on every sale generated by your campaigns and automations, enabling you to stay on top of your ROI and see a full picture of your marketing performance.
Personalized, targeted messaging is critical for customer engagement, yet as companies and marketing teams scale, one-to-one marketing and customer follow-up becomes less feasible. It is important that the marketing automation platform you choose has the features you want. Consider why you want to use marketing automation and ensure that the solution you pick supports this goal.

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