Mobile security patrols you can depend upon

Our mobile security officers will also give a visible deterrent to any unwelcome intrusions. Every patrol security guard receives training in order to conduct major security jobs such as property patrols, crowd management, and threat identification, among others. They mostly carry out their responsibilities on wheels, but they can also do it on foot.
Mobile patrol security aims to provide a visible security presence to deter crime and maintain public safety. Mobile patrols can also conduct surprise or random security checks and assist police and other emergency responders when necessary. Whether you prefer mobile or stationary guards, our guards can be assigned to any number of duties, from controlling gate or door access to inspecting trucks. Since they are trained in all aspects of private security, they are prepared to enforce rules and regulations, provide fire watch services, respond to emergencies, lockup and secure your premises, and assist with general duties.
In Bangladesh, private companies and residential authorities may assign security guards. Some are trained to use firearms and manage emergency situations, but the majority of them are untrained and only assigned for their physical strength and presence. Canada’s federal laws also restrict the ability of security officers to be armed.
Our Mobile unit is equipped with state of the art technology such as GPS tracking and mapping. Some units may also have video surveillance devices that feed into our dispatch center. We monitor every mobile patrol both as a measure of safety to the unit and as a means of quality assurance.
With the largest local security force and mobile patrol fleet, Footprints Security is uniquely positioned to serve commercial, residential, and government clientele in their ever-changing security needs. Hiring a security guard can be costly whereas hiring a mobile patrol can be cheaper and just as effective. Secondly, our mobile patrol units can be used to proactively patrol and secure individual residential homes, or entire neighborhoods. Residential mobile patrols can be performed in a low profile, undercover manner so as to not disturb residents in the homes being patrolled, or neighboring homes. You’ll sleep easier knowing that Main Patrol Security Services is fully trained and insured. Call us today to put together a strategic, cost effective security plan to secure your home, business, event, warehouse, community and more.
We have unrivalled experience since our formation in 1919 and you can benefit from this today. Our mobile officers use a satellite-linked global reporting system for swift response and to generate fully auditable management information. These types of services allow businesses to work with flexibility and transparency. They will also use communication devices to immediately alert any issues that need to quickly resolve.
Our security professionals drive clearly marked vehicles, patrolling multiple client sites within a limited geographic area and serving as a visible deterrent. They can also quickly respond to alarms, conduct inspections, and provide general physical security of property, buildings, vehicles, equipment and/or supplies. A patrolling security officer is responsible for conducting patrols of the property they are assigned to protect. This includes checking for signs of unauthorized entry or activity and reporting any suspicious behavior or activity to their supervisor. Patrol security officers may also provide security escorts for personnel and/or guests. They may also be called upon to perform basic first aid or CPR in emergencies.
Our regional offices give us the ability to provide a nationwide service. Your property is most vulnerable at evenings, weekends and over holiday periods. If there are ever any questions, you can get immediate information about where the guard is, what they are doing, and where they have been so far during their shift. We have a future-forward approach to technology and are constantly striving to implement innovations that enhance our service. An important range of topics is covered by our training programmes, from Conflict Management and Fire Safety to First Aid and Terrorism Awareness.

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