2023 Fixed Airplay Not Working on iPhone iPad Apple TV Mac

Make sure you connect your device to AirPlay enabled speaker or receiver. Not all multimedia devices are compatible with AirPlay. You are not allowed to AirPlay content between two iOS devices. AirPlay works best when your firmware is up to date. To check, press the HOME button on your remote and navigate to Settings, then Support. If an update is available, your TV will download and install it.
Keep in mind that both devices should be on the same internet connection while following the above process. The screen will only be visible to you, and you can control both devices from a single space. You require a steady and stable wifi connection to seamlessly transfer any audio or video content between two devices connected through AirPlay. And also, it is important to make sure that both devices should be connected to the same WiFi network. You can follow the fixes in no particular order on your iOS or Mac devices to resolve the AirPlay not working issue efficiently.
However, AirPlay can also suffer from other glitches, like if the audio or video stutters or is otherwise low quality. In the following part, you can find solutions to fix issue of “AirPlay not working” on different devices. Reboot your router– Sometimes, Airplay not working on LG TV if there’s a problem with your router. The device might be restricting the content because of its firmware.
Accordingly all the Sonos devices cannot be used in Home app. Sometimes AirPlay not working on some websites, or airplay won’t show video only Sound because the device is connected to differ Wi-Fi network. When you have tried everything, and you are still unable to use AirPlay/ screen mirroring on your iPhone, it is time to repair iOS to see if that fixes things. In case you haven’t noticed, AirPlay is all about networks. So it makes sense to reset network settings on your devices to see if that helps the situation.
In this article, you will get some simple fixes that might help. Sometimes, things don’t “just work” like they’re supposed to, so you’ll need to tweak a few things. In case you see any pending updates, download and install the iOS/iPadOS update. Once restarted, you can once again try to AirPlay movies, videos, and slideshows from your iPhone to TV. To turn off iPhone, press and hold the Side button and any of the Volume control buttons till you see the power off menu. Next, mobile device not found on the slide to power off icon to switch off your iPhone.

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